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ur   Brand   Promise . . .

Oscantic works are individually handcrafted.


With love of nature, we aim to use evironmental friendly materials & production processes.

The focal story of our brand promise is built upon the merging alliance between our creative works: 

Handcraft Products, Photography and Graphic Design.

Our Creative Services includes promotion & packaging designs, life style image & logo creation, as well as cinemagraphs and retouching commissions.

Our Handcraft Products fall in two categories :

1) Limited Edition handcraft products: 

bespoke - one of a kind unique pieces created.

 2 ) Wholesale hand craft products that are available for orders from shops or businesses who wish to carry a stock of our wholesale products.  

The handcrafted products offered at wholesale prices, start with a minimum order of 5 items.

we can offer a repair backup service

for our products, if required, charged seperately. 

Our pricing reflects the materials, skill, and the hours spent by our artisans on each indvidual piece. 

The range of our works can be viewed on 

Our instagram page :


We share our brand promise with you,

as we do within our professional family;

to communicate, nurture & strengthen

our relationship bonds continually.

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